Community Guidelines

HAPPYDEMY® CODE (General Conditions)


  1. The following General Conditions (hereinafter the "Happydemy® Code") govern the relationship between HAPPYDEMY® LTD is an entity with registered office at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ, and it is registered to Companies House under the number ___________ (hereinafter referred to as “Happydemy” or the “Company”and the person who, by clicking on the buttons present during the registration process that allow the reading of these Terms and Conditions, accepts these General Conditions and decides to join the Happydemy® community.

  2. The purpose of the Company is to study, to develop, to conduct research and to share international excellence in four identified major industries, specifically the communications, entertainment, games, and e-commerce industries, and to make those industries available to its Members within a platform.

  3. To achieve this purpose, the Company have created the HAPPYDEMY® platform (called hereinafter the "Platform"), which is intended to be the centre of the operations of HAPPYDEMY® Members.

  4. The Platform is accessible from  

  5. The Company manages, monitors, and controls activities conducted within the Platform, including, in compliance with the rules on privacy and freedom of expression of the users, for example, activities relating to: 

    1. Member’s identification (through the DUI© service)

    2. Project Management

    3. Transactions

    4. Respect of community guidelines and quality standards

    5. General Member’s Behaviour

    6. AML (Anti-money laundering) protection and KYC

    7. Data Protection and GPDR

  1. The platform is licensed to the Company under an exclusive license from Goomood Software Technology LTD, which holds the intellectual properties and the development rights. 

  2. Happydemy® is a registered trademark licensed to the Company.


  1. Happydemy® is a company specialized in the sale of products and services online and offline.

  2. Happydemy® promotes and distributes services and products personally created and entrusted by third parties.

  3. The HAPPYDEMY® Code sets out the rules governing activities' performance and defines each Member's rights, duties, and responsibilities.

  4. The HAPPYDEMY® Code aims to protect the interests of all members and the Company. Together with the Privacy Policy, the Terms of Service, and the Economic Development Plan, the HAPPYDEMY® Code constitutes an integral and substantial part of managing the interactions between members and the Company and are expressly included, as part of these regulations, by means of a specific reminder in the application that new members sign and submit to the Company, i.e., the Application for Appointment as Member.


  1. Without limiting the Company's right to accept the Application for Appointment, a person who acquires or renews his/her Membership with the Company must meet the following requirements:

    1. apply directly to the Company via contact application form;

    2. be invited by another Member;

    3. have legal capacity, i.e., be at least 18 years of age and capable of intending and wanting, of being able to conduct an activity and assume binding contractual obligations; 

    4. be duly authorized to undertake professional activities, in accordance with the law in force;

    5. comply with the provisions of the HAPPYDEMY® Code;

    6. not have undergone the termination of his or her previous Membership with the Company, unless the Company has unquestionable readmission judgment for exceptional cases;

    7. not own another membership;

    8. not carry out, within the Platform, activities that are illegal and/or prohibited by the laws of his or her country of residence and by these regulations;

    9. in case of pending charges, previous criminal convictions, the Company is authorized to request a further investigation and, in its sole discretion, reject the registration request

    10. be resident in countries allowed by the Company;

    11. confirm to be NON-PEP (Politically Exposed Person)


  1. The Application for Appointment is submitted to the Company during the registration phase. It is considered tacitly accepted unless the Company has expressly rejected the application within 90 (ninety) days from the date of submission, during which time the Compliance Department assesses the Member in accordance with the provisions of these rules.

  2. The applicant accepts that no refund is foreseen in case of rejection of the application.

  3. The application can be submitted using the official website, where, before the conclusion of the registration, the applicant has to accept the Terms of Use, the HAPPYDEMY® Code, and our Privacy Policies. 

  4. Access to the application is exclusively available through a direct invitation by another participating Member or requesting to apply through the contact form available here

  5. By virtue of the Application for Appointment, the Member will have the opportunity to participate in the activities of the Platform, use the exclusive services reserved for members, access selected products reserved for members, promote the Company's philosophy, invite other people he or she trusts, earn bonuses and other compensation under the Economic Development Plan and obtain qualifications and recognition.

  6. Eligibility for awards, rewards, and prizes is subject to compliance with the provisions of the HAPPYDEMY® Code.

  7. By maintaining the status of "active member," the Member is entitled to benefit from the Economic Development Plan and is entitled to receive qualifications, awards, and prizes in accordance with the Economic Development Plan, including the HAPPYDEMY® Code.


  1. Members have three degrees of Membership: 

    1. Guest Member (30 days trials)

    2. Verified Member (LV1 verification) 

    3. Official Member (LV2verification)

  1. Guest member

  1. The Member is a person who:

  1. Guest Member is entitled to participate in the Platform and has limited access to the services offered.

  2. Guest member cannot invite other Members to join the platform.

  3. Guest Member cannot convert the HappyCredits;

  4. Guest Member must become a Verified Member within 30 days from the registration date.

  5. The Company reserves the right to suspend at any moment a Guest account for any reason without needs of justification.

  6. The Company can also request ID verification at any moment.

  1. Verified member

  1. The Verified Member is a person who:

  1. Verified Member is entitled to participate in the Platform and has unlimited access to the services offered.

  2. Can invite up to 10 (ten) new Members through its Passcode.

  3. Verified Member can convert a maximum of £15,000 of HappyCredit;

  1. Official member

  1. An Official Member is a person who:

  1. Official Member is entitled to participate in the Platform and has unlimited access to the services offered.

  2. Can invite up to 20 (twenty) new Members through its Passcode.

  3. Official Member has no-limitation on HappyCredit conversion.


In order to offer advantage to our loyal Members, the Company has created five Memberships:

  1. Basic (£7/month or £79.90/annually)

  2. Premium (£14.99/month or £169.90)

  3. Vip (£29.99/month or £349.90/annually )

  4. Platinum (coming soon)

  5. Élite (coming soon)

  1. Basic Membership





  1. The Company gives Members the possibility to be rewarded thanks to the Economic Development Plan (EDP)that clearly explains all the rewards and bonuses in force at the time of the new Member's Membership and based on the activities carried out by that Member.

  2. The complete EDP is available for reference at the following link:


  1. The HAPPYCREDIT voucher system was created to facilitate exchanges within the HAPPYDEMY® Platform and is the internal unit of measurement of value. For further information, please refer to the text of the EDP available and downloadable from the following link (


  1. All bonuses are clearly described on the EDP page available and downloadable from the link ( to which reference is made.


  1. Official Members may apply to become Associate Members of HAPPYDEMY Club LTD (hereinafter the "Club"), with registered office at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ, registered to Companies House under the number 12591755.

  2. The Club is a non-profit organization that has as scope to:

    • promote, help and support organizations and management of cultural, artistic, and recreational activities of interest to the entire Community, including editorial activities, promotion, and dissemination of culture;

    • promote and spread the culture of the “high quality” in every field also through the constant research/valorisation of excellence in any form, with particular attention to individual local realities, personal well-being, and ecology; 

    • inform, train, and provide educational tools through holistic disciplines at mechanical, structural, chemical, and biochemical (nutrition), and psychological/emotional level;

    • disseminate through publications, materials, and editorial proposals, webinars, aimed at spreading a new culture of well-being, conferences, and debates related to the activities carried out by club members, which make use of the excellence of the different sectors;

    • promote the improvement of economic, social, and professional conditions, as well as to promote the initiation, integration, and professional growth of each member of the community, contributing to the development of the members of the Community;

    • contribute to the development of the human personality in all its expressions, and the removal of obstacles that prevent the implementation of the principles of freedom, equality, equal social dignity, and equal opportunities;

    • promote the exercise of the right to health, social protection, education, culture, training, and the enhancement of one's aptitudes;

    • promote the improvement of the operating, cognitive and promotional conditions, of local excellence and to promote the culture of high quality and personal well-being, as well as the promotion of ecological well-being as a desirable and necessary future and as a reference model of a society that helps its citizens to live well;

    • with respect to the spirit and practice of the community, find their origin in the respect of the principles of the declaration of the human rights that inspired the community itself, and are based on full respect for the human, cultural and spiritual dimension of the person, starting from the children;

    • promote the values of harmony, love and respect for the human being, with particular attention to the protection of women, children, and senior rights;

    • promotes activities of aggregation, socialization and social animation, dividing by age groups, between 2 and 16 years old, ensuring maximum protection in respect of personal growth to highlight their Dharma. It promotes socialization among "young people" through cultural initiatives and opportunities to share experiences, strengthening mutual understanding among young people from different countries;

    • spread the culture of youth, conceiving and implementing opportunities for comparison, exchange of ideas, knowledge but also welcoming, to promote opportunities for formation and growth;

    • protect, know and promote the growth of a quality, sustainable and responsible tourism of the territory. The development of social, cultural and sports tourism and tourism promotion. The protection and enhancement of the historical, artistic, gastronomic, environmental and natural heritage and local traditions. Receiving the experience of professionals from different countries, specialized in different disciplines and knowledge, with the intent to integrate professionalism and skills in a perspective of interconnection, exchange, promotion and enhancement of dialogue between cultures;

    • promote, in favour of the elderly, sources of ancient wisdom, every initiative of social character, to discuss and debate on topics of cultural, ethical/social, historical and contemporary interest, thus promoting the development and enrichment of social relations, among the new millennials, in the function of lost values.

Official Members who are active (license paid) for at least 12 (twelve) months are entitled to appoint the application to become an Associate Member of the Club.

Further details on the Club can be found at the following link:


  1. Company may modify all or part of the HAPPYDEMY® Code, the EDP, the Terms of Service, and the Privacy Policy.

  2. Changes decided by the Company on the HAPPYDEMY® Code, the EDP, the Terms of Service, and the Privacy Policy are published on the official website and shared internally in the appropriate section or disseminating such new rules or policies by any other means as required by law. All changes will be effective from the date of publication or as defined in official communications.

  3. Within 30 days from the publication of any new conditions, if these affect the Membership's economic conditions, each Member may withdraw from the contract with the Company and leave the Community, informing the Company of the withdrawal within this term. The withdrawal will take effect from the day prior to the entry into force of the contractual changes communicated.

  4. After 30 days from the publication of any new conditions, these will be considered as implicitly accepted.


  1. Invitation to the Platform should be presented to other trusted individuals as a personal and exclusive invitation that offers equal opportunities and is open to all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, nationality, religious or political beliefs.

  2. No potential member, as a condition of becoming a member, or as a condition of receiving assistance in the development of their HAPPYDEMY® business, may be required to:

(a) purchase a predetermined quantity of products and/or services;

(b) purchase Activity Supporting Materials.


  1. Unless the breach of one or more points of the Happydemy® Code, the Terms and Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy, the status of a Member automatically ceases on the 365th calendar day (1 calendar year) from the date of application and subscription of the Application for Appointment, or the last payment for renewal of the license and is tacitly renewed; 

  2. unless the Member or the Company decides to terminate the relationship before the established terms.


  1. The license renewal frequency is 30 (thirty) calendar days from purchase. Any payment for renewal of the license entitles the Member to participate in all activities reserved for Members in connection with the renewed license.

  2. Members are entitled to renew their Membership every thirty days. 

  3. The Company may reject the renewal of a Member's Membership for severe and intentional violations of the HAPPYDEMY® Code, only after it has been determined that attempts to reach a common agreement have failed. 

  4. Any renewal of a membership accepted by the Company will be effective from the renewal date until the end of the following thirty calendar days. 

  5. The terms of such renewal will be the contractual provisions of the HAPPYDEMY® Code in force at the time of renewal. 

  6. The renewal shall be deemed accepted if not rejected by the Company at the renewal process's conclusion.

  7. In case of failure of the license renewal, the system will update the Member's status to Guest applying the condition for Guest Members.


  1. The role of a Member may also be held by a legal entity (LTD, LLP, PLC, or similar), provided that it complies with the requirements and conditions of this paragraph.

  2. Other options authorized by the Company may be available for legal entities; please contact the Company for up-to-date information on this matter. 

  3. The person who signs the Application for Appointment on behalf of a legal entity must be an authorized representative of the legal entity, must personally meet the requirements established by the HAPPYDEMY® Code, and must be the majority shareholder of the legal entity. 

  4. This also applies to the person succeeding as the original holder of the legal entity.

  5. The latter may be required to submit, in addition to other documents, proof of the truthfulness of the facts set forth in the application for the appointment of the declared representative's powers, of the possession of the registration requirements required by the regulations in force, as well as certification of the identity of the legal entity and its shareholders/associates, deed of incorporation, articles of association and any shareholders' agreements, as well as other information relating to the legal entity that the Company may request from time to time.


  1. No Member may make false statements to the Company or induce the Company to accept the Application for Appointment under false prettiness or violate any representations or warranties, including, inter alia, those set forth in the HAPPYDEMY® Code and its policies.


  1. Members shall promptly inform the Company of any information relating to the actual, alleged or threatened violations of the HAPPYDEMY® Code - including violations of the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or any applicable law or regulation – by another Member.


  1. Members shall cooperate in any internal investigations undertaken by the Company in accordance with the procedures, as governed by the HAPPYDEMY® Code.


  1. Members shall not engage in activities, make statements or omit to make statements promoting the platform activities or activities related to it that are misleading, incorrect, or inaccurate due to the context and circumstances. 

  2. Information on the products, or on the EDP, can only be quoted literally and taken from the Company's official documentation and websites.


  1. All Members are responsible for communicating to the Company any update or modification of their personal data

  2. In the case of a legal entity, the same rule applies for company’s contact person, as well as information on any type of variation with respect to what has already been communicated to the Company.


  1. All members must comply with the Privacy Policy and comply with applicable data protection and copyright laws and regulations.

  2. The Company is the owner of confidential information and responsible for the processing of sensitive data acquired in the context of carrying out the activity, as well as the exclusive owner of property rights and trade secrets relating to its products, activities, and Sponsorship Lines, as defined in the HAPPYDEMY® Code.

  3. Members acknowledge and accept that all confidential information regarding new projects, beta tests, and any confidential information issued by the Company to Members is confidential and remains the property of the Company at all times.

  4. To the extent that, the Member is granted access to certain confidential information.

  5. The Member will only use that confidential information for purposes relating to the performance of the platform activity and will be bound by a strict obligation of confidentiality, taking all reasonable steps to ensure the confidentiality of the data which, by reason of the performance of the activity, the Member is in any way in possession of. 

  6. Members may not transfer or disclose confidential information to third parties, including to another Member, except in accordance with the provisions of the HAPPYDEMY® Code, without the prior written consent of the Company and the data holder. 

  7. The Member acknowledges and agrees that any violation of this provision will cause irreparable damage to the Company, which will be entitled to take any type of action, including interim and urgent injunctive action, to avoid further violations or disclosure of confidential information. 

  8. These obligations of confidentiality, pursuant to this provision, shall continue even in the event of termination of a Member's Membership and the termination of the Member's relationship with Company.

  9. Within the Platform (, it is absolutely forbidden for Members to take screenshots and photos of the Platform, the contents, personal data such as settings, wallets, and subscriptions, external content shares, copies of the content. 

  10. It is understood that such violations may result in serious violations of the copyright protected by civil and criminal law.


  1. Members may use the Company's trademarks or other intellectual property or proprietary information belonging to the Company or licensed to the Company, provided that this is done in accordance with the provisions of the HAPPYDEMY® Code and Privacy Policies.

  2. The Company may be the licensee of certain registered trademarks, including logos, service marks, and other intellectual and industrial property, including the name HAPPYDEMY®, as well as various trademarks, trade names, and service marks used in connection with products and services. 

  3. Members may use the intellectual property belonging to the Company or of which the Company is the licensee, only with the prior written authorization of the Company and in compliance with the conditions provided for the aforementioned uses unless otherwise indicated in these regulations.


  1. Each Member is fully responsible for the publication of its contents and expressly declares that he/she owns the intellectual property rights, copyrights and/or authority to use them.

  2. The Member indemnifies the Company, its officers, members, affiliated companies, associates, subsidiaries, and partners from any claims for damages, payment of royalties and/or claims of any kind by the actual owners of the content published by the Member.


  1. The Company makes available to all Members the technology and technological environment necessary for the sharing of content of which the Member holds the intellectual property rights and use the Platform. 

  2. Content, once published, remains the property of the Member who has shared it, unless otherwise specified and/or based on specific agreements with the Company.


  1. In the event of the death of the holder of a Membership, the assets belonging to the deceased holder may be transferred to the legal heirs, unless such transfer is contrary to local inheritance law or has been decided otherwise in accordance with the will of the deceased. 

  2. If there is no legitimate heir or will, the Member's position will be deleted from the Platform. 

  3. If a Member dies without leaving any written will, the applicable national inheritance laws will apply to the transfer of the deceased's assets.


  1. If the Company believes or assumes that a violation of the HAPPYDEMY® Code has occurred, will occur, or there is a risk that a violation will occur, it may initiate an investigation into the activity of the Member responsible for the alleged or potential violation. 

  2. The Company may undertake the above investigation on its initiative or following a written complaint made to the Company by another Member. 

  3. Suppose a Member presumes or believes that another Member has violated the HAPPYDEMY® Code by violating the rules and has first-hand knowledge of the activities of those responsible for the alleged violation. In that case, he/she must notify the Company in writing of the alleged violation and provide all related information. Upon receipt of such notice, the Company shall inform the Member about the complaint (reserving the right not to communicate the name of the complaining Member) and shall request the complaining Member to provide all clarifications necessary for the correct assessment of the facts.

  4. If the complaint and response do not contain sufficient information to decide on the matter, the Company may request that the parties involved provide further information. The Company, based on the information made available and any clarifications made by the Member, will decide whether or not there has been a violation of the HAPPYDEMY® Code. The Company will send a communication containing its decision. The communication will indicate the part of the HAPPYDEMY® Code violated and the measures, and in the case of ascertainment of the violation, the measures that the Company intends to take, which may range from a simple admonition to the expulsion of the Member, without prejudice to the Company's right to claim compensation for damages suffered by the Member as a result of the contested conduct.

  5. In any case, the Company, to protect the general harmony of the Community, could decide, on its own decision, to temporarily suspend a Member that does not fit the principles described in the Happydemy Code.

  6. Also, the Company could take the decision to ban a suspended Member if the Compliance Department can prove or has a real suspect that the Member can jeopardize the general harmony of the Community.


  1. If a Member disagrees with the measures taken by the Company, he/she may submit, within five days of receiving the measure by the Company, a request for examination to the Dispute Examination Committee, composed of members of the legal department of the Company, the sponsor of each Member involved, or their delegate.

  2. The Committee will decide with an irrevocable measure in accordance with the HAPPYDEMY® Code in force at the time of the decision. 

  3. Members expressly waive any claim for compensation against the Company, resulting from, or relating to, any action that the Company may take within the scope of the HAPPYDEMY® Code, except in cases of intent or gross negligence.


  1. The appointment of all the management and administrative bodies of the companies, affiliates, and/or subsidiaries of the Company is made on the basis of an unquestionable decision of the Board of Directors of the Company.


  1. The mark "Made by HAPPYDEMY®" indicates all products, services, and projects entirely conceived, created, and developed by the Club. These are certified by the Company and dedicated entirely to the Community.

  2. The mark "Powered by HAPPYDEMY®" indicates all products, services, and projects designed by third parties in the Community that require support from the Company for their management, financing, and development. These can either be dedicated to the Platform or to external public sources.



  1. The Company intends to create a 360° Market, which means that HAPPYDEMY® will strive to create a self-sufficient economy.

  2. The Company acknowledges that not all markets may be appropriately accounted for within the Platform.

  3. Accordingly, the Company does not intend to operate in the following non-exhaustive list of markets:

  1. For the markets in which HAPPYDEMY® intends to operate, the Company will guarantee the search for excellence in the markets proposed for the Community. 


  1. The Company believes that the active participation of Members in the decision-making process of the Community can contribute to growth. 

  2. The Company, for this reason, has created specific roles that have to take care of the Community's needs.

  3. The roles that can be filled within the Community are:

    1. Member (Guest – Official) - The Member is the individual who joins the HAPPYDEMY® community.

    2. Moderator (activity-based) - The Moderator is the Member who has distinguished himself within the Community for the general protection of the Community

    3. Supervisor (activity-based) - The Supervisor is the chief of the Moderators and acquires the rank of Supervisor based on the protection activities carried out.

    4. National Councillor (elected) - The National Councilor is the Member elected by the Members of the nation to which he or she belongs. Only Official Members who have been participating in the Community for more than six months and have an overall rating of more than four stars are eligible to apply. The term of office is one year.

    5. Minister (chosen by the President) - The Minister is the Member in charge of a specific department within the Community and the person responsible for the management and administration of the assigned department. Each Minister has 2 Sub-secretaries, which will be made available to the Minister to assist them in carrying out their operations and activities. Ministers are required to manage the activities in their assigned department and have the moral and legal duty to achieve the maximum good of the Community in the role that they have been assigned to. The term of office is two years. The departments are as follows:

  1. National Vice-President (chosen by the President) - The National Vice-President is chosen by the President and is the person who works together with the President in the management of all national activities.

  2. National President (elected) - The National President is the national Supervisor of HAPPYDEMY®. He or she is responsible for the organization of all departments and must carefully use their judgment to select Ministers.

  3. International Councilor - The International Councilor is the Member who has been elected as President in his/her country of residence. The International Councilors form the International Council.

  4. International Council (formed by the National Presidents) - The International Council is made up of the National Presidents elected in their own country. There are 5 International Councils, divided by continents (Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania, Africa).

  5. International Vice President (chosen by the President) - The International Vice President is chosen by the President and is the person who works with the President in the management of all national activities.

  6. International President (elected by the International Directors) - The International President is the chief executive officer of the International Council and is elected by the International Councilors.

  7. Board of Executives (Company's Founders, Club's Founders, and the 5 International Presidents) – Board of Executives is the decision-making body of HAPPYDEMY®. It is composed of the 5 International Presidents, the Founders, and the Board of Directors of HAPPYDEMY®.


The rules for Members are fundamental.

They aim to maintain HAPPYDEMY® as a clean and harmonious environment.

  1. Members assume responsibility for following these rules, applying them, and ensuring that all new Members in the Community follow them.

  2. It is prohibited, within HAPPYDEMY®, to deal with, disclose, disseminate by any means whatsoever, as well as discuss all topics specifically detailed in the section: 



As defined below, under penalty of immediate termination of the Member's account, with immediate exclusion from the HAPPYDEMY® Community.


(Notice boards, public groups, public pages, public events, blogs)


(private groups and private messages)


  1. The payment of income tax, for all sums of money recognized and conferred to the Member by the Company, is attributable solely to the Member, so it will be the explicit responsibility of the Member to declare all income recognized and conferred to the Member by HAPPYDEMY® in accordance with the tax regulations applicable to each Member, to whom economic income is recognized and conferred.

  2. Exchanges made within the Platform, as long as they are not monetized, are used exclusively for internal use within the Platform and do not generate any income.

  3. All income from donations from other users must be considered as voluntary and spontaneous donations also for tax purposes.


  1. All users are required to verify their identity no later than 30 days from the date of registration.

  2. Duplicate or fake accounts are not allowed.

  3. The Company reserves the right to suspend at any moment a Guest account for any reason without needs of justification.

  4. The Company can also request ID verification at any moment.

  5. Identity theft is not permitted.

  6. In case of failure to verify within 30 days from the date of registration, the account of the Member in question will be automatically blocked, and that Member will lose all rights that they may have acquired.

  7. In the case of the use of purchased products, the Member will still lose the right to use such products.


  1. If a rule in force or a section of rules should be declared null, void, invalid, or ineffective by a court or other authority, it is understood that such measure will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the HAPPYDEMY® Code.


The Company, with its legal departments, is fully active in consumer protection and consumer rights.

To learn about your rights as a consumer, please read the following.

For the United Kingdom and NON-EU Members – Consumer Rights Act 2015

For Members of the European Union outside Italy and France – Consumer Rights Directive 2019

For Members resident in Italy – Codice del Consumo

For Members resident in France – Code de la Consommation


The HAPPYDEMY® Project has set itself upon a unique philosophical/moral basis, that is to research excellence in the various sectors and make it available to members, with three substantial differences: 

Also, today, the potential can be summarized as follows:

This is our HAPPYDEMY® Code governing the Community. It can be changed or modified by Happydemy at any time without prior request to the Community. If a Member does not accept new changes or modifications to the Code, he or she can suspend or delete his or her account without violating the rules of the HAPPYDEMY® Code.

HAPPYDEMY® is a private and exclusive organization based on universal human values and principles.

HAPPYDEMY® respects, without exception, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations 10 December 1948), the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (2000/C 364/01) and international protocols such as the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.HAPPYDEMY® is based on the principles of freedom, equality, and brotherhood between peoples.

HAPPYDEMY® fights and rejects all forms of racism, discrimination, terrorism (psychological, physical and media), inequality, oppression, false flags, dictatorships and recognizes the maximum freedom of expression of one's own thought, personal capabilities, and acceptance of each individual, as long as these do not touch or affect the personal freedom of another individual.

HAPPYDEMY® Philosophy and Principles
 The search for oneself through sharing with others.

The philosophy of HAPPYDEMY® is based on the principal moral values of life, which can be partly listed as follows: 

However, individual expressions of human essence are not tolerated, which can be partly listed as follows:

This is our philosophy, and these are our principles.

The core values of the Company are as valid as the rules and contracts.

The Company reserves the right to suspend or expel a Member who, within our Community, does not respect these principles and values.

HAPPYDEMY® is not just a business. HAPPYDEMY ® is a philosophy of life.

A new environment where all participants support each other in all the activities.

In a world that has changed radically today, HAPPYDEMY® is the future that turns into the present.

Thanks to HAPPYDEMY®, the internet will never be the same again. Amid millions of words, HAPPYDEMY® has carved a permanent groove into the internet.

The human being at the centre of everything. The human being in your interest. The being before having.

Away with squeezing profit margins and crunching numbers to achieve a meaningless end, divine creations are at the center of everything, life. HAPPYDEMY® will reconnect an infinite beauty of history to a rosy and enlightened future, passing through the present.